What to expect


We don't have it all together and we don't pretend we do.
But that's OK because it's not about us anyway.
It's all about Jesus.

We want to help you belong in community, believe in Jesus, and become who Jesus has called you to be.


1. You’ll see us on the left side of the Courtyard as you walk up to the AMC. Enjoy a cup of coffee or water at the cart.

2. If you have kids, you’ll see signs for our CityKids Check-In Center. One of our team members will get you and your kids set up in our secure check-in system. You can drop your kids off at their respective class and head to theater 2.

Or, if you prefer, your kids can stay with you during service. We want your experience to be as easy for you as possible.

3. As you walk into theater 2, you’ll be handed a Connect Card and giving envelope (don’t feel pressured to give if you’re our guest). It’s open seating so you can sit where you want. If you need special seating or assistance, ask one of the ushers wearing a lanyard and they’ll make sure you’re taken care of.

4. Our service lasts about one hour. There will be a time of worship followed by the message. We usually finish with another song.

5. After service, check out the 7 Minute Party in the Courtyard. In 7 minutes, we’ll tell you a little about CityView, answer any questions, and give you a gift.

And hey, if you're not perfect, you'll feel right at home; because we aren't either.